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Cheap Blue Man Group in Las Vegas Tickets

Visitors to Las Vegas expect to enjoy the world-famous sights and sounds that the city of sin has to offer. Everyone knows that Las Vegas features world famous gambling opportunities as well as some of the most photogenic city views in America.

What many do not know however is that Las Vegas is home to some of the finest entertainment opportunities the world has ever seen. A lot of visitors are familiar with the idea of magic shows and performances from pop stars. Las Vegas offers far more than that. One example of truly original, breathtaking performance entertainment is the Blue Man Group.

Smokin' in Las Vegas

The Blue Man Group have been performing their production entitled Smokin' in Las Vegas since 2012. The show features the group's trademark blend of music, comedy and theater performed in a quirky, off-beat manner. This particular incarnation of the Group's work features an emphasis on technology and robotics. Critics have described the show as being absolutely unique. This is a rare accolade in a city which is sometimes known for offering tired and predictable performances from some entertainers.

One of the uniquely enjoyable aspects of the Blue Man Group is their ability to create music from the most unconventional sources. They utilize unorthodox equipment to create a soundtrack to their stunning spectacle of color, light and performance. Without giving away all of the secrets they have in store this particular production by the Group features an exploration of the human brain in an exhilarating and entertaining fashion. It truly must be experienced to be understood.

A Variety of Packages Available

There are many different packages available for people wishing to enjoy the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. Depending on availability there are often packages combining the Blue Man Group performance with a dinner deal or tickets to another Las Vegas attraction. Discounted tickets may be available for groups such as senior citizens, members of the military and elderly people. Occasionally special VIP packages are available which can include the opportunity to take a tour backstage and experience the show from behind the scenes.

Reviews for the Blue Man Group's Las Vegas show have been overwhelmingly positive, both from critics and consumers. On some review sites the show consistently appears around the top 100 attractions in all of Las Vegas. That is incredibly impressive considering the relative obscurity of the performance when compared to some of its rivals.

Suitable for All Ages

The Blue Man Group are suitable for audiences of all ages. The humor is clean and family friendly and the sheer sensory spectacle of the performance has consistently wowed audiences from every generation. Due to the performance being one of a handful of major Las Vegas spectacles that are suitable for younger viewers it is a good idea to book tickets early. This ensures that no one in the family is liable to miss out on the delights the group provide.

Get Your Tickets Today

The show is currently being held at the Monte Carlo Hotel. The mega-resort and casino has almost 3000 rooms. Any guests of the hotel are advised to check out the Blue Man Group while they are still performing a show that the group's founder has described as "over the top" "fun" and "something different". The Blue Man Group offer unique memories of Las Vegas that will last a lifetime.

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